Leading Your Business Team

While most small business owners pride themselves on being hard workers and getting things done it is a proven fact that you can scale your business much easier when you learn how to properly lead a team. Your team could be employees, subcontractors, or whoever you need in order to get the job done. No matter who your team consists of the main factor in being a great leader is motivating others to take ACTION. In this article, I will share with you my 3 steps to leading your team effectively.


Everyone has a different way of leading so you must first identify your leadership style which can help you learn how to effectively speak to those on your team that may have different personalities.

Examples of Leadership Styles:

- Servant Leadership: work hard to meet the needs of their team

- Transactional Leadership: Focuses on accepting a job and the task you must follow due to accepting the job

- Bureaucratic Leadership: All about rules, procedures, and protocols

For example, personally, I am a servant leader due to the fact I love providing those working with me the things needed in order to make them want to work hard and get the job done. I personally lead this way due to the fact I thrive in environments that are free-flowing and all about personal progression.

When you identify your style you are able to also identify the people that will work best under your style of operations and the things you may need to outsource or grow in if needed in order to help others be productive while working with you.

Due to you having a leadership style doesn't mean everyone can thrive in that type of environment so this information will help you when interviewing someone because you can know quickly through conversation whether that person will possibly thrive in the work environment that you would provide. Not only will it help when picking team members it also helps in your day-to-day operations because you can communicate to those who work with you about your leadership style and what to expect.


One mistake many business owners make is they set goals that arent specific! You have to set SMART goals in order to truly create a plan that everyone can grow from.

S- pecific

M- easurable

A- chievable

R- elevent

T- ime-Bound

In order to see true results and to help those apart of your team get a clearer view on what task they need to do in order to help the bigger picture of the company. SMART goals also simplify your goals in a way that makes it easier to track and see results.

I recommend monthly reviewing your goals and accomplishments as a team and also individually with each person you work with in order to tweak your goals, celebrate accomplishments and see if there's anything that needs to be discussed.


You have to realize you cannot do it all yourself!

Delegation can mean hiring a new employee, contractor, or just automating your systems better.

For example, the delegation could be setting up an email list, automating your accountant software like Quickbooks, or a sequence that automatically asks for customer reviews versus manually doing it.

Any task you are able to turn into something automatic or give the task to someone else to do without needing your support for anything other than final review shows that you are a great leader and helps you create other leaders.

I think the biggest achievement for any leader is helping create other leaders so when you are going through this process make sure you are coaching and teaching others in a way that allows them to grow and be able to also teach and help others.

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Chelsea Ellis-Hogan is the third-generation award-winning owner of female and minority-owned business Jim Reynold's Asphalt Contractor, Inc. located in Louisville, KY. Chelsea helped take her family's business from $100,000 to $500,000 alongside her father and mentor Samuel Ellis. She also self-published and hit #1 Amazon Bestseller with her debut motivational book entitled "Fail to Success". Born and raised in Louisville, KY she enjoys teaching others about financial literacy, generational wealth, and entrepreneurship to help bridge the wealth gap taking place in her community.

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