Make Time For Your Wellness or Be Forced To Make Time For Your Illness

If you were raised in a household similar to my family’s, then you may have heard similar phrases when the topic of healthcare and/or insurance in general was spoken of like the following:

“I can’t afford to go” or “the government won’t get me!” or even “When I leave this earth, just put me in the ground in the backyard”.

Just like religion, politics, world views, and family values, these beliefs are instilled in us from our family and environmental influences at an early age and we usually dare not to question it!

As many of you that are reading this, I’m sure you could relate to what I have witnessed with many of my closest relatives growing up. Major medical issues, financial illiteracy, mental illness and miseducation of preventative care were conversations that were only had after one, if not all, of these events already happened to a loved one. As a curious young person (back in the day) I asked my grandmother why does this always happen to our family and what can we do about it?

As you could imagine, as she was someone who came from the deep south and experienced terrible treatment from those who were in position to provide care, she explained to me in so many words, that she did not believe in a system that did not value her life equally as others that received care but did not look like her. As I had empathy for her reasoning, the sicknesses of family and friends continued. Pneumonia, diabetes, heart disease, HIV and cancer were illnesses that plagued them without any proactive change in action.

I witnessed my uncle’s bout with diabetes first hand and saw it get worse as he lost digits, limbs, and unfortunately his life. I then understood that even though he did not ask for diabetes, there were choices that he could have made pre and post diabetic diagnosis that could have prolonged his time here with us. But as the old saying goes, hindsight is 20/20.

One mantra that I believe in is “ignorance is not acceptable, if you know the information is available” and one more to drive the point home, “be an active participant in your own rescue”.

How these two statements relate and have relevance is that minorities have made great strides in resource development. One example is the access to information, programs, services, and healthcare professionals , that look like you, are more accessible today than ever before! But think of some of the most impoverished communities in the city. Are there advertisements reflecting any of this information? Do you know a person in your community who knows where to find it? Is there anyone to speak to about these resources? I am very proud to inform you that the answers to all of the questions above are…..YES!!

With key organizations like Buy Black Lou that provides a directory of professionals and resources that if utilized appropriately, will increase your quality of life, business value, and well-being. I proudly share with you that there is a benefits counseling service available in the directory too!

To be educated and guided by professionals in the benefits world is a key resource in our community that is available to those who want to be equipped with knowledge to make the best choices regarding their health and financial wellness.

With this information, you will learn the importance of preventative care. This is simply having the affordable health coverage to visit a physician routinely, even when you are not dealing with health issues. If this information was available to my family in the past, would they have used it?

I am not sure about the answer to that question but the action that I have taken and am very passionate about, is making this available and easily accessible now!

The company that pioneers these unique strategies is a proud member of Buy Black Lou and can be found in the directory. If my family’s history resonates with you or someone you may know, please search The Warrior Benefits Group in the directory for more information.


Sam Moon is the owner of the Warrior Benefits Group. Sam was born in Lorain, Ohio and moved to Louisville, Kentucky in 2012. An accomplished benefits professional, Sam passionate about using his knowledge, experience, and skills to partner with individuals and small businesses to match them with the best, most affordable plans.

Sam blessed to be in position to be afforded the opportunity to design a unique benefits plan that aims to provide a peace of mind in terms of healthcare and financial literacy. Sam was able to learn these skill sets as a group underwriter for Citizens Security life Insurance, in Middletown, KY from 2012-2017. Leadership, discipline, integrity, and honor are tools that obtained and earned, as a service member for 5 years in the United States Marine Corps from 2003-2008.

Sam's faith and positive attitude encourages others to not allow obstacles to stop them on their journey of personal and professional success. His mission is to equip others with the knowledge in the benefits space to make the best decision for their legacy. Please visit for more information.

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