Your Website is your Business Platform

Your business website is your business platform for the world.

“But I can use social media for business.”

You sure can, but that’s on someone else's branded digital real estate and you need your own digital space completely controlled by your team for your business operations.

But, it doesn’t start with the web. The process begins with narrative. That’s right. Nothing is communicated well without a succinct story of your business so you begin with a branding and marketing narrative leading to a logo. These are the visuals and written content that begin to inform the purpose and design of your website.

Be serious and include a few thousand dollars for your new website into your budget. Remember your site is the core of your business. It's a long term, revenue generating business tool, not an inconvenience that you have to spend time learning to create by yourself. The old “time is money” mantra always applies. Your job is to stay focused on your business. Let the professionals stay focused on building an effective digital business tool to operate your business.

If you remember nothing else, remember this. A website is a living digital document that evolves as your business evolves over time. Are you a nonprofit? Your website tells the mission of your organization and makes it super-simple for people to donate to your cause. Are you a for-profit business? Your website makes it super-simple to buy your products and services. Either way it's all about revenue generation so make it easy for people to throw their purses and debit cards at you.

Also, your branded website isn’t affected by changes in social media algorithms. In fact the entire point is to use the two together. Your website works extremely well in combination with effective social media marketing.

How? Social media drives eyeballs to your website for people to learn more thoroughly about your business and spend money with you. Likewise your social media buttons, strategically placed on various web pages within your website, drive eyeballs back to your profiles making your business and website easily shareable in that way.

The design and build process typically involves something along these lines.

IDEATION: Define the objectives of the site, it’s look and feel. This process may include a questionnaire to prompt the creative part of your mind to consider some things you haven’t thought of before.

IMPLEMENTATION: This is the design and development phase including site user experience elements, like content layout, page navigation, and animation.

TESTING: Just because a company builds it doesn’t mean it flows the way you anticipated so things have to be tested before the site goes live. This includes verifying that links lead to other pages correctly, the buttons can be clicked and forms are sending user information to your email inbox and saving it correctly in your database.

When your personally owned digital real estate is officially launched you are now in position to sell your products and services anywhere in the world. Talk to a digital media company and have a discussion about the process of putting your business online in proper fashion.


A product of a music and musical performance family, Martin Lindsey looks for opportunities to synthesize his artistic, academic and career experiences in engineering, digital animation and information technology in interesting ways. It’s these sorts of creative intersections that are really his thing.

He is the Founder and Creative Director of Phunky Pixel Media, an agency that helps clients tell their stories through custom websites, apps and animation, social media and streaming media, podcasting, as well as film editing and IT consulting.

Martin sits on the advisory board of Ghana Code Club, a youth coding program in Accra, Ghana. He has also taught animation and social media marketing at Bellarmine University in Louisville. He is a two time Adobe Design Achievement Awards Panelist and he is the Technology & Communications Coordinator at Nativity Academy at St. Boniface in Louisville.


Martin Lindsey

Founder & Creative Director

Phunky Pixel Media


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