Business Toolbox

We've collected resources that will help you to PLAN, LAUNCH, and GROW your business. See the sections and links below for assistance with essential business forms, permits, and more.


Plan Your Business


Launch Your Business

Operating Expenses

This template helps you to track the operating expenses related to your business in order to keep consistent records.

Profit and Loss

A Profit and Loss report is one of the financial statements that shows the company's revenues and expenses.


This template provides a basis for keeping invoice records that track payments

from clients for services.

Grow Your Business

Balance Sheet

A Balance Sheet is the financial statement of a company which includes assets, liabilities, and other figures.

A-Z Guide

This guide is a collection of our accumulated resources,

serving as a directory.


This resource will help you to secure sponsorships for your

business or organization.

Numbers to Know

Metro Louisville

Department of Codes and Regulations (502) 574-3321 and (502) 574-3591 Planning and Design Services (502) 574-6230 Louisville Fire Department, Fire Prevention Bureau (502) 574-3701 Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness (502) 574-6650 Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District (502) 574-6000 Metropolitan Sewer District (502) 587-0603 Office of Management & Budget, Purchasing Division (502) 574-5769 Economic Development Department (520) 574-4140

Jefferson County

Jefferson County Clerk (502) 574-5700 Jefferson County Fire Services (502) 572-3455 Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator (502) 574-6860

State of Kentucky

Department for Environmental Protection (502) 564-0323 Department for Natural Resources (502) 564-6940 Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction Division of Building Code Enforcement (502) 573-0365 Department of Workers’ Claims (502) 564-5550 Division of Fire Prevention (502) 573-0382 Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control (502) 564-4850 Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development (502) 564-7140 or 1-800-626-2930 Kentucky Chamber of Commerce (502) 695-4700 Kentucky Department of Revenue Individual Income Tax Division (502) 564-4581 Corporate Tax Division (502) 564-8139 Kentucky Department of Transportation (502) 564-4890 Kentucky Office of Employment and Training (502) 564-7046 Kentucky Office of Employment and Training Unemployment Insurance Program (502) 564-5331 Kentucky Secretary of State (Corporate Name Availability and Corporate Filings) - Phone: (502) 564-3490


Food & Drug Administration 1-888-463-6332 Immigration and Naturalization Service Email Address: U. S. Internal Revenue Service (502) 582-6700 or 1-800-829-4933 for an FEIN SCORE, Small Business Administration - (502) 582-5976

Entrepreneur FAQ

I want to start a business, are there any grants available?

Grants and forgivable loans are rare. Some special, geographically focused programs may exist but include requirements for education and business planning.

I have an LLC, what’s next?

Getting an LLC before completing a business plan is like putting the cart before the horse. In fact, a business plan can help you decide what business structure you need. Choose a Name and Structure (

My dream is to own my own business, where do I start?

First, RESEARCH. Who are your competitors? What makes your idea better? Who are your customers? Where are your customers? How will you reach them? Who are the best suppliers and can I open a wholesale purchasing account with them?

I started on a business plan, but I’m stuck. Can I get help?

Yes. Schedule an appointment with the Small Business Development Center.

I don’t have any savings or collateral for a loan, is there hope for me?

Yes. You can begin by engaging with a credit counselor and apply for a credit building loan.

How quickly can I start a business and make money, are there short cuts?

No. Owning your own business is a more-than full-time job. It takes hard work, commitment and support from your family and community.

My friends tell me I’m a great cook, should I open a restaurant?

Maybe. The restaurant business is one of the hardest businesses to manage and create profits. If you have never worked in a restaurant, you are missing out on the best education/experience you can get to understand what you’re getting into. (insert link to presentation here?)

I have my own business but I missed out on the grant programs for COVID relief. What do I need to do if there is a next time?

Get a bookkeeper and understand Profit and Loss Statements. Open a business checking account to keep your personal finances separate. If you pay yourself, write a check from your business account to deposit in your personal account. Stay current with local, state and federal taxes.

I want to open a boutique in a storefront, what are my risks?

Your location will be very important, along with your social media marketing. But most importantly, you need a Resale Certificate to buy wholesale to be competitive with your pricing.

What are the essentials for success?

Technology can be your best friend. You must have a handle on your costs and profit margins. The right people make all the difference; employees, bankers, bookkeeper, mentors, etc. Plan for the unexpected and insure your business. Make customer service your guiding principle.